The Farm - Local Farm Fresh Quality

Hours of Operation
re-opening November 2016

Welcome to The Farm

Local grown, farm fresh, produce stand and U-pick. Located between Fort Myers and Naples in beautiful Estero, Florida. We consist of three families working hard to bring the freshest, best tasting vegetables and fruits to our "neck of the woods." We have a tomato and strawberry U-pick on location as well as an array of other vegetables grown on site. With vegetables and fruits picked daily, you can rest assured you are receiving the freshest, best tasting produce around town! 

U-Pick Vegetables
subject to availability 
Tomato & Strawberries

Market Vegetables
subject to availability 

Tomatoes (Vintage Select, Heirlooms, Grape, Cherry)
Zucchini - Traditional Eggplant - Bell Peppers 
Yellow squash - Asian Eggplant - Banana Peppers
Butternut Squash - Sicilian Eggplant - Cucumbers Pickling Cucumbers -  Sweet Onions - Jalapeno 
Spaghetti Squash - Green Beans - Romaine Lettuce
            Cubanelle Peppers - Corn - Poblano Peppers Strawberries - Swiss Chard -  Beets - Radish
Red Grape Fruit - Navel Oranges
Honey Bell Orange and more...

9050 Corkscrew Road, Estero, FL 33928
(corner of Via Coconut and Corkscrew Road)

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Red Barn Egg Farm

My name is Ty and I'm 10 years old.  My dad is one of the farmers of The Farm.  I started my egg farm business in August 2015.  My chickens live out back by our red barn located at my home in Estero, Florida.  Right now I have 60 hens and 4 roosters.  The chickens roam our five acre property during the days and they nest at night in their coupe.  Thank you for supporting my business!  Enjoy your farm fresh, local eggs!

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